About the Author

Neil Griffin was trained as an ecologist and primatologist.

Through the course of an education he has studied baboons in Kenya, amphibians in Honduras, howler monkeys in Belize, and phytoplankton on Vancouver Island (the latter being, perhaps, slightly less enthralling). Along the way he has been sunburned, frost-bitten, dehydrated, food-poisoned, and in one memorable instance colonized by a less-than friendly parasite.

On the whole, he finds writing to be slightly more dangerous.

He lives in Calgary.

Reach him at: neilcgriffin AT gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Lovely new blog! Really glad your back and motivated to start anew. Missed your informative and humorous posts. The world is a better place with you and your blog. I will be following you! (That sounds kinda creepy but, you know what I mean). More post about your primate friends would be appreciated. Thanks for comin’ back!

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