How to Mantain Outdoor Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are the favorite artifacts for everyone, taking a hot bath or just soaking in the water for a while to relax is one of the activities that people of all ages enjoy the most. Usually, having a tub in the bathroom is a dream for most people, however, many choose hot tubs or whirlpool tubs that can be used outdoors.

As it is known, its maintenance can be a bit tedious. On the Internet, there are many tutorials that explain how to carry out the cleaning processes of the tubs, however, when talking about one that is outdoors, their care is a little different from those located in the interior, so the steps to follow are different from those we usually do.

For this, the main thing is to pay close attention to the heater. Many overlook this little detail but, if we talk about hot tubs, it is best to take care of the instrument that regulates the temperature of the water. It is recommended to keep it always lit at a medium level and to adjust the heat level at the exact moment it is going to be used, that is to say, to raise the temperature when you are ready to submerge and lower it when you are going to leave it.

Another important step is to keep an insulating cover over the hot tub whenever it is not in use. This cover will serve to maintain the temperature of the water and, in addition, will prevent any type of waste from falling inside it. In the market, there are different types of covers for hot tubs, you must choose the best for the climate of the area where you live and for the material that your tub is made of. When it is placed, you must make sure it is well sealed and there are no open spaces.

The water in the bathtub also requires care. You should check and control its status daily. To perform this process, a pool test kit can be used to measure the chlorine level of the water and test the pH level. There are also ozonators for hot tubs, appliances which works emitting controlled amounts of ozone to purify the water and act as a disinfectant. Similarly, you should look at the water in the whirlpool to see if it is foaming, if so, you will have to add some antifoaming or defoamer agent, which are surfactants that operate by means of intermediate surface tensions to destabilize foam and release the air retained in the emulsion.

Cleaning the filter is another procedure that cannot be ignored since its main function is to get rid of all those pollutants that we do not want to have in the water where we will take a bath. Its sterilization must be done with the periodicity indicated in the instructions of the tub, and it must be replaced with a spare one when it loses its functionality. Likewise, we must be attentive to the formation of mold on its surface. It is advisable to execute a deep cleaning on its cover every two months, using chemicals such as chlorine to eliminate bacteria and prevent the accumulation of germs.

Following these tips, the life of your hot tub will lengthen and you can use it with greater peace of mind knowing that it is in an adequate state for its use. With the necessary care, its structure can be maintained and the water or elements of the hot tub can be prevented from being contaminated. Remember that it is very important to be careful enough to enjoy our items properly and also preserve our health.